Anti-Bias Approaches in Curriculum

In your setting, does thinking about ‘doing’ anti-bias send a thrill up your spine? … does it challenge, or even mystify you?

Whether you tip-toe or jump with a splash into the 4th edition of The Anti-Bias Approach in Early Childhood, you will find vivid and varied realities and perspectives that serve to deepen your anti-bias practice and make your curriculum not only high quality, but high equity.

In the very first chapter, you’ll discover the revised version of the Anti-Bias Goals, which reflect the changing nature and expression of contemporary identities.

You’ll explore how the new set of Anti-Bias Actions can brilliantly guide the integration of anti-bias approaches across all of your practices. This chapter is also sprinkled with prompts for you to dip into other parts of the book for some sparkling research, practice and examples for creating your anti-bias curriculum…

This work is not a destination, or an ‘add on’, but an ethical collaboration – and this chapter charts a course for a deep and exciting pedagogical journey together! One on which we, as advocates for change, can celebrate the growth of creative climates in which diversities and differences can flourish equitably…

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