Do you ever wonder if you are doing it wrong?

Being a director or an educational leader of a stand-alone education and care service can be isolating.

What if there is a possibility that are doing some of the important things wrong in your centre?

Things like:

  • documentation
  • reflective practice
  • critical reflection
  • curriculum planning
  • intentional teaching

If only there was someone you could talk to! Someone you could obsess with about the minutiae of how you are performing in Quality Area 1 in your service…

Well, there is!

The Curriculum Coach exists to help you work through the tough issues, the niggling issues. She can help you in curriculum decision making and help you plan, implement and evaluate a curriculum that can exceed the National Quality Standard without the pain and tears. And probably with way less documentation than your team currently has to do!

The Curriculum Coach helps you put the pieces of your curriculum together, and helps you lead your team to deliver better educational programs for the children at your service.


What does the Curriculum Coach actually do?

She meets with you via Zoom over a 3-month period. Twice a month, for 2-hour sessions. She coaches you to improve what it is your team is doing and how your team is doing it.

How does it work?

You raise the sticky spots; you workshop the solutions together. You go away and trial them, you report back, and you refine your practice or move onto a new area.

Why does Curriculum Coaching work?

Because it’s focused just on you. You as a leader within your service. And because it aims to mesh all the parts of curriculum inside your head. So you are no longer thinking of things like critical reflection and planning and programming and documentation as separate components. And because it gets you making changes immediately. Real changes that will impact how your centre works instantly. And because unlike one off professional development sessions, the Curriculum Coach will be there to ask questions of, time and time again.

Who is the Curriculum Coach?

Dr Red Ruby Scarlet. Early childhood teacher. Academic. One of the architects of the EYLF. Keynote speaker. Book publisher. And curriculum expert.

How do I book the Curriculum Coach?

Email us.

Does the Curriculum Coach also work with multi-service organisations?

Of course. Although these Zoom Curriculum Coaching sessions are designed for stand-alone services, Dr Scarlet works across the sector. Contact us to discuss what you have in mind.

The Curriculum Coach: Helping education and care services to offer children the best curriculum possible.

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