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He smiles at me when I walk in. He asks me where my guitar is. The plan is to sing together as we keep annotating the song we are creating together. We sing up big to Uncle Jimmy for the first time and all the feels fill the room.

The music is our way of embodying the Aboriginal cosmologies that we have lived through walking, listening, encountering, entangling ourselves in place. We are intraentwingled twixt colonial and postcolonial worlds – worldly worlding as our DNA is imbibed with old and new ‘pastpresents’.

Inside the Gadigal sandstone building, we become with Country and scribe the sounds of how it feels.

‘Where do I put the bar line Red?’ He asks
He places his finger on the place on the staff.
‘We count 4 for each bar’ I lend
‘Crochets’ he says as he leans in to me and the paper and the music.
He nods his head in 4/4 time you can see the 4/4 in his fingers.
4/4 time cuddles singing our singing rhythm, walking rhythms, heat beats and the gushing of Uncle Jimmys Aboriginal cosmologies through our blood.

We jubilate through smiling, concentrating, determination and persistence to express these anotherworldly encounters that words cant explain.

Its not teaching, but it is. Its not scaffolding, but it is, its not cognitive, but it is. Its not fine motor, but it is. It is, but it is much more. Through our collective community connections we move beyond embedding Aboriginal perspectives to embodying Aboriginal cosmologies… ❤️

Dr Red Ruby Scarlet, Natalie Cordukes, Giuliana Ricci & Catherine Stephenson

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