Paddington Children’s Centre

Today at the stunning Paddington Children’s Centre I have the privilege of working with Natalie Cordukes, Giuliana Ricci and Catherine Stephenson on a splendiferous pedagogical project exploring sonorous scapes in the local community as part of the long term practices of ‘becoming with Country’. Stemming from our entwinglements with robots we wiggled our way through children’s curiosities to find the ‘note’ that the robot made. Then, over a period of weeks that catalytic moment became a song composed by the children. Today we played with ways to express the song through digital technologies and good old fashioned hand written manuscript.
In situ, we experimented with the shared musical knowledges and practices we knew to create ways of communicating sound through what Aunty Dr Sue Atkinson calls ‘signs, symbols and signals’. We privilege her Indigenous cosmologies to guide us beyond the functions of musical literacies to cultural embodiment of a long term place relationship. Sonorous scapes of Paddington are Gadigal in our anti-bias approaches to worlding with multisensibilities and arts practices that count as valid knowledge…
Stay tuned for more from this beautiful project… ❤️

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