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The EYLF Play Book


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The EYLF Play Book has almost everything you want, and need, to know about the new improved Version 2 of the Early Years Learning Framework.

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Estimated release date: February 2024.
Dr Red Ruby Scarlet and Anthony Semann have carefully curated ways of engaging with the EYLF that are inclusive and accessible. In the chapters of this book they dive into each part of the EYLF to guide and support the diversity of educators who are required to use the EYLF in their everyday practices. Their approach in this book is to ensure that educators feel enthusiastic about learning the new additions, as well as a sense of excitement to put them into practice. Red and Anthony are both currently involved in service delivery in various ways and so speak from a practice-based perspective.
Table of Contents
Chapter 1:     What has actually changed?
Chapter 2:     Let’s talk about the new Principles…
Chapter 3:     Let’s talk about the new Practices…
Chapter 4:     Let’s talk about the new planning cycle…
Chapter 5:     Let’s talk about documentation…
Chapter 6:     Writing a program based on the new EYLF.
Chapter 7:     Reflective practice and the new EYLF.
Chapter 8:     Collaborative leadership, teamwork and implementing the new EYLF.
Chapter 9:     Leading the new EYLF as an Educational Leader.
Chapter 10:  The new theories.
Chapter 11:  Social justice and the new EYLF.

Dr Red Ruby Scarlet is an activist, early childhood teacher-researcher, consultant, artist and academic. She holds numerous degrees in early childhood education and performing arts. Red has been working in early childhood for over 30 years and is devoted to creative, imaginative, inclusive practices that promote dignity and integrity in early childhood. Red has developed curriculum and learning frameworks nationally and internationally. She has won numerous awards for her teaching and advocacy.  Red has published widely foregrounding the stories of the numerous ‘teacher-research’ projects she has lead and contributed to across the world. She is committed to raising the voices of early childhood teachers and educators through telling and writing their own stories. Her books include The Anti-Bias Approach in Early Childhood (3rd Edition), Fair’s Fair: How to Tackle Bias in Education and; Care Services, The Aboriginal Early Childhood Practice Guide, and Becoming With Art in Early Childhood, That Music Book and The EYLF Play Book. She is the co-composer and performer of ‘Like To be Me’ a song for children about pronouns. She has always been part of diverse educational communities. She is a highly sought leader and mentor in the early childhood profession. Red’ work includes consultancy, creating professional development and resourcing for early childhood that is committed to inclusive and innovative pedagogical approaches to curriculum. Red is a Pedagogical Artist in Residence. the Founding Chair of the Social Justice In Early Childhood Foundation. Red is the co-writer and performer of wildly popular “The National Quality Framework – The Musical!” and “Inclusion – The Musical!”

Anthony Semann is an agent of change. After qualifying as an early childhood teacher, Anthony spent his early career working in long day care. Eager to learn as much as he could about practice and people, he built his pedagogical knowledge and developed his skills in fostering relationships. Early on, Anthony also discovered the importance of equity and social justice as a driving force in social change. His desire for learning remains apparent, so too does his commitment to naming inequity, shifting practice towards justice, and living a life that embodies all that he preaches.